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From policy to action physical activity

From policy to action mental health *

Services for citizens with anxiety, stress or depression  

From policy to action mental health examples from municipalities

Young people's well-being and mental health – various Nordic surveys *

Stress and labour-market attachment

Young people's mental health solutions

Integration and volunteerism

NEET Young people not in employment, education or training


Initiatives targeting particularly vulnerable groups

Young people, alcohol and drugs

Well-being of elderly people

The tobacco free society

From policies to action inequality in health *

Overweight between the individual and the environment

Healthy citizens from ethnic minorities

Health promotion in local environments 1

The role of voluntary organisations in public health

Health promotion in local environments 3

Health promotion in local environments 2

The health-promoting school *

Health promotion through interaction with the market forces

Citizens-driven public health

From policy to action implementation *

Talking about alcohol

Use of data in public health how can we use data from burden of disease studies and paediatric databases more effectively?

Online services for citizens

Men's health

Young people's mental health online services

Public health and well-being following economic crises *

The role of general practice in prevention

Collaboration between research and practice

Research on the effect of public health initiatives

Health literacy – a common challenge on an individual, professional and systemic level

From policy to action partnerships

Nordic health centres

The first 1000 days *

Collaboration between municipalities challenges and opportunities

Developing the public health workforce in Europe and in the context of the Nordic welfare models *

Alcohol and pregnancy

Inequalities in rehabilitation - is inequalities in public health *